International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics System and Computer Engineering on Date-28 and 29th June 2019

Conference Guidelines

We Expect all the delegates will help us to organize the conference by following given guidelines.

  • The conference will be held at Modern Education Society's College of Engineering, Pune, India, The inaugural speech and opening keynote will start at 09:00 Am On 29 June, 2017. The paper presentation will start at 10:00 AM on 29 June,2017 Please visit the conference website for latest schedule changes.
  • Visa is required in order to attend the conference from some countries and is subject to Indian consulate.
  • Registered Authors will have oral presentation. Authors are encouraged to spend 70% of the time to present the original innovative ideas, proposed in the paper.
  • Full paper presentation will be of 12 min presentation and 3 min discussion; Authors are advised to prepare their presentation accordingly and strictly follow the time limits.
  • The Hall will be equipped with Computer and LCD projectors with Windows 7, Office 2010, and Adobe Acrobat reader. You may copy the presentation slides at the conference hall at the time of presentation or during the coffee / lunch breaks intervals.
  • Presentation time, Date, and Venue is fixed and it is already published in the program schedule. Once your chance of presentation is lost, we will not be able to accommodate you in the next or any other sessions. So authors are advised to be on time at the venue for the presentation.
  • Lunch, Morning and Evening coffee for the presentation day alone will be arranged at the venue. Accommodation, Travel, Tour, Pickup, Dinner and other expenses have to be borne by the delegates.
  • Photo sessions are arranged at the Seminar Hall , all the delegates are encouraged to attend the same. The high resolution photos will be later be uploaded on the conference website. Delegates can download the same.
  • A certificate of presentation is distributed / issued at end of the day. No certificates will be issued to authors who have not presented but their papers are registered. Certificate of acecipation for attendees is distributed at the time of closing ceremony.
  • If there is any correction in the certificate, new certificate will be send to the communication address.
  • Closing ceremony is scheduled at 06:00 PM on 29 June,2017 Delegates are encouraged to attend the Closing Ceremony as the Best Paper will be announced then.
  • All the authors are encouraged to present the papers. If the registered author is not able to make it then they can nominate any co-author or registered author is not able to make it, then they can nominate any co-author or researchers who have got good knowledge in the paper and subject. Nominee Authorization Letter from the registered author and Photo id card of the nominee shall be verified at the information desk at the time of registration.
  • Due to earthquake, riots or any other reason, the conference may be postponed.
  • Paper Submission is Open

Cinque Terre

M.E.S. College of Engineering Address : 19, Late Prin. V.K. Joag Path,Wadia College Campus, Pune – 411001.
Telephone No:020-26163831
FAX : 020-26163831
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